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Breakfast (order online)

Before you retire for the night, you may choose from a variety of delicious and cooked to order options, mark or circle  them down, or, if you wish just choose from the breakfast samples, A or B on the next page.

Pick the time/place you would like to have your breakfast served, and place the menu inside the basket by my office door,

 See you in the morning! 

Eggs & Omelets

 [   ]  2 Eggs: scrambled, hard boiled,

       soft boiled, over easy or sunny side up.

      Your choice of omelets Or Frittata

      choose any toppings:       

 [   ] selection of grated cheese

 [   ] feta cheese

 [   ] chopped tomatoes

 [   ] bell peppers

 [   ] onions

 [  ] green onions

 [   ] jalapenos

 [   ] roasted red peppers

 [   ] Roasted Potatoes

House Specials

       Breakfast Scramble:  

 [   ] 2 eggs, roasted potatoes, sautéed

       onions, herbs  Optional: topped with

 [   ] grated melted cheese            

 [   ] bits of bacon


 [   ] French Toast:

       Buttermilk bread, or Chalah bread

       orange zest, pure maple syrup, fresh fruit salad


 [   ] Mediterranean salad:

 fresh chopped vegetables including

 tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers,

 onions, seasoned w/ canola oil and freshly squeezed

 lemon juice.



  [   ]  organic butter

  [   ]  superb preserves and jams

  [   ]  hash browns

  [   ]  cereal, milk, oatmeal

  [   ]  yogurt

  [   ]  bacon

  [   ]  fresh seasonal fruits

  [   ]  assortment of cheese: cheddar / havarti / cream

         cheese / feta / gouda   



  [   ]  Orange juice (in season, freshly squeezed from our

         beautiful orange tree)

  [   ]  Coffee, [   ] Espresso, [   ] Americano, [   ] Tea

         coffee, tea and hot chocolate are also

         available in your suite.  Just pick one and it

         brews in minutes in the Keurig machine



From The Bakery


  [   ]  fresh baked croissant

  [   ]  scone

  [   ]  muffin

  [   ]  fresh baguette

  [   ]  rye

  [   ]  whole grain

  [   ]  parmesan / rosemary rolls




Our guests favorite breakfast samplers

[   ] A. 2 eggs cheese omelet, with freshly chopped chives
A Mediterranean inspired salad (finely chopped fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, onions, canola oil, fresh lemon juice)
fresh & crispy baguette, rye bread, croissants, muffins
Assortment of cheese , olives, jam, butter
Orange juice and coffee
Fresh cut seasonal fruits

[   ] B. Breakfast Scramble: 2 eggs, roasted potatoes, sautéed onions, herbs,
Optional: topped with grated melted cheese and/or bits of bacon
Freshly toasted croissants, baguette or rye bread
Muffins or scones
Fresh cut seasonal fruit
Orange Juice
Butter, jam, cream cheese (regular or with onions & chives)
Sweet and juicy mini heirloom tomatoes

7:30-8:00 AM
8:30-9:00 AM
9:30 AM

Inside your suite
Outside by the pool
In our Dining room

Romantic candlelight dinner by the pool (Optional)

   toll free number

15216 Hartsook St
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
(888) 757-1926